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Our claims show us that last year 8110percent of our members with Diabetes got their A1C test.

At CeltiCare Health, your health means the world to us. It is celtiCare Health created a Member Advisory Council just so we could get and use your feedback. We are always making an doing best in order to improve and your comments are important to us. Remember, we are working nearly impossible to )make sure you should get top-notch care you need, when you need it, as you can see.

Now pay attention please. These scores show that CeltiCare Health has a head start in its first year measuring A1C test rates for our current members. Eventually, our goal in 2015 is to help our members get healthier by reminding them to complete their tests. This is a test to see how effective the member’s treatment program is in controlling their Diabetes.

CeltiCare Health wants to know what you think about the care you receive and what you think about your health plan. Some members were asked to complete the CAHPS survey. Almost 80% of our members who answered the survey found it easy to get the care, tests, and treatment they needed. Notice that we also want to know how our new members feel about CeltiCare Health. The survey had questions about how easy it was to get an appointment last year and if members liked their provider and the provider’s office.

CeltiCare Health cares about you and the healthcare you get.

We help our members with diabetes get checkups, blood work, and an annual vision checkup. You and/or your doctor may have received one of our educational letters or calls to remind you about checkups you should have, if you have Diabetes. You see, our outreach programs help you be the healthiest you can be. We have many quality improvement projects to help us know if the services we provide are effective. We also ask your healthcare provider to work with you.

We want our female members who are age 50 or more to get their mammograms on time. We want to hear from you. Essentially, we even help schedule appointments. You can also tell us if you would like to become a Member member Advisory Council. We remind members that they are due for a mammogram with a phone call. Please call Member Services or visit our ‘Contact Us’ page on the website to tell us how we can better serve you. Of course we do this by mailing letters to our members that describe this importance exam and where to get a mammogram.

Could A Computer Game Slow Onset Of Alzheimer’s Repetitive Visual Tests ‘Cut Risk Of Dementia By Training The Brain To Take Control’

In the game, Double Decisions developed by BrainHQ, two images appear on the screen, a car at the center and a road sign on the periphery.

Training other types had no significant effect.

The user has to identify which two objects came first. Alzheimer’s sufferers keep control of their brain function.

Over time the brain is trained to be more perceptive as the objects grow more similar and the backgrounds more complex.

In an instant they disappear, then reappear with one other object, another car.

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Conforming to a study by the Advanced Cognitive Training for Independent and Vital Elderly, though they seem banal, these repetitive activities dramatically slow memory onset loss. Meanwhile 114 per second cent group had a decline in brain function, compared to 117 per cent of the third group.

That 105 per cent developed symptoms later than people in other groups.

Memory and reasoning training were found not to have any significant effect on dementia risk.

The game is now licensed to Posit Science Corporation, and a web version is available as the Double Decision BrainHQ exercise. The exercise involves a series of visual memory games.

While moving the road signs further to the screen edge, any level gets faster and harder.

The computer training was found to cut long period long time dementia risk by 33 per cent among those asked to complete 10 training hours in the study first year.

This is a computer screenshot game designed to train the brain to fight memory loss. Two images appear, a car at the center and a road sign on the periphery, then they reappear with a third image ‘ the time spent on effective brain training has potential long lasting benefits for many facts of older adults’ lives’ said Dr Jerri Edwards of South University Florida, who announced these latest ACTIVE study results.

Those who were asked to complete 11 or more hours of speed training were found to reduce their dementia risk by 48 per cent over the 10year study.

Subgroups of participants were asked to complete an additional four training hours in months 11 and study 35.

The game was a clinical subject trial that started in 1998 involving 3000 people.

While the third group sat through reasoning lessons led by a teacher, the second group participated in classroomstyle memory training lessons led by a teacher.

In the first group, 14 per cent of participants suffered significantdementia.

To the researchers’ surprise, just 105 per people cent using the computer game showed a significant worsening of dementia symptoms.

As objects move to the screen further edges, the brain is forced to expand its scope of active visual attention. As objects move to the screen further edges, the brain is forced to expand its scope of active visual attention. Get the Health RSS feed.

Stress Is Inescapable – Why You Shouldn’T Always Stress About Stress

 health updatesThis attitudetowards stress could easily be exploited at a time when it is easier than ever for our jobs to bleed into our personal lives.

Here’s an unsettling thought. Now let me ask you something. Should ‘burnt out’ employees quit complaining and just ughen up? Ok, and now one of the most important parts. With the number considerably higher among men, figures recently issued by the Office for National Statisticshave shown that there were 130 suicides among both nation”sfull time’ students aged 18 and over in 2014. How much help is available to them and how they manage they deal withthe pressure of everydaystudent life, with the student suicide rate at its highest in nearly 10 years we asked university students about their struggle. Coming to a sudden halt on a motorway side en route to a career changing interview, or fighting against the clock to clean Nutella off a toddler’s bridesmaid dress a hour before your sister’s wedding is never going to be pleasant.

You tend to see stress as a challenge rather than a threat which puts you more in the driving seat when facing up to pressures in your life and work.

You feel you have quite loads of control over your emotions by the goals you set yourself, the thoughts you choose to think and what you focus your attention on. You tend to see setbacks as external problems to be solved rather than as failures inside yourself, while this doesn’t work now and then. The good news is that you can certainly build that confidence by changing your thoughts as well as focusing your attention on small, achievable goals for yourself. That’s interesting right? Perhaps you lack a little faith in your ability to shape your emotions by what you think and do. Where you aren’t under pressure, you do just fine usually. At times you might not feel like your emotions are under your full control, which can itself be a little stressful and make dealing with other pressures more difficult. Plenty of info can be found by going on the web. Even small stresses can be daunting and perhaps you tend to try to avoid them more often than you than deal directly with them. With all that said. Big stresses are even more daunting to you. This means that you can rise to big challenge stresses if and when they arrive.

Inside our brains are two competing mechanisms. The approach system on the left front partencourages us to seek rewards and triggers anxietytackling release dopamine. Whenever balancing the two creates chemicals perfect cocktail to transform stress from debilitating into brainboosting, with those who are most in control of their emotions best equippedto exploit this. The avoidance area at the right front brain part meanwhile avoids punishment, prompting noradrenaline release, which is linked to the fight or flight response.

This all seems rather abstract.

CBT, diligently practising meditaton can help to positively re structure the brain. In The Stress Test, Professor Robertson extinguishes the idea that our brains arehard wired from birth, and instead suggests that ourthoughts and emotional experiences reshape the organby turning genes on and off. While others. Are relatively new, such as meditation and mindfulness, are practised for centuries. Professor Robertson is emphatic that there are countless methods and techniques anyone can use to address their stress.

We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you. Read our Privacy and Cookie Policies to figure out more. That said, 16 per cent use alcohol to cope, while 10 per cent turn to cigarettes in anxiety face. Anyways, unemployed people are more likely to resort to these harmful strategies.

Launching his discussion with German words philosopher Friedrich Nietzche -that which does not kill us makes us stronger -Robertson, professor of psychology at Trinity College Dublin, unpicks why a few of us struggle to cope with stressful situations that others appear to withstand with relative ease.

Whenever using tips learned from her therapist, and piecing apart her problems when she feels relaxed, she agrees that Professor Roberston’s approach is the right one, and she copes by listening to calming music. How we deal with it, in the end, stress itself ain’t the problem. While others balk at strict deadlines and large workloads, some find repetitive tasks o much to bear. This is partly down to our physical, neurological and environmental differences, which changewhat pushes our buttons.

After Star Passed Away – The Pigeon Will See You Now

They are just the latest in a long line of animals that are found to have abilities to help humans, pigeons are often seen as dirty and an urban nuisance.

It is still not known how dogs can sense a seizure. People have also thought that a scent or auditory cue might also be involved, it has been suggested that minute changes in a person’s gestures or posturing could alert the dog.

This rat detection method is affordable and doesn’t rely on specialist equipment, which is often lacking in countries where TB is prevalent. Saliva across the animal kingdom can have antimicrobial properties -including saliva from the humble cow.

Sally teamed up with her second dog Robbie, after tar passed away.

He was trained by a British charity, Support Dogs, like Star.

It is also more accurate -the rats are able to find more TB infections, therefore, save more lives. Recently, there has also been a focus on dogs that seem to have the extraordinary ability to detect when people with epilepsy are about to have a seizure -even when the person has no idea themselves.

Despite having a brain no bigger than your tip index finger, pigeons have an impressive visual memory.

Dogs have long been considered a human’s best friend -but over the years they’ve really proved how skilful they can be.

Recently it was shown that they could be trained to be as accurate as humans at detecting breast cancer in images. Inside a rodent’s nose are up to 1000 different types of olfactory types receptors, whereas humans only have a feeble 100 to 200 types. Known this gives rodents, such as rats, the ability to sniff out subtle scents.

They stop and rub their legs to indicate a sample is infected, when the rats detect the scent.

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Their abilities are being studied at the Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo, where trained rats can detect a specific scent produced by TB bacteria in human mucus samples. The anecdotal evidence for seizure dogs like Robbie is strong, although there is still little other published evidence to back up their effectiveness.

Salvia also contains proteins -called mucins -that can work to prevent further bacteria entering the wound.

Traditionally, lab technicians prepare slides and examine each sample using microscopy.

The charity has shown they are able to train dogs that are able to provide signals, such as persistently nudging someone’s leg, between 15 and 45 minutes before their owner had a seizure. This longtailed rodent is a highly sensitive detector that can save lives, rats are often associated with spreading disease rather than preventing it.

The Myeloma Is Basically Like Having High Cholesterol

In fact, my health is pretty amazingly good at the moment.

Even my back has nearly returned to normal close enough that I’ve started up disc golfing again on weekends. Different people react in surprisingly disparate ways to different treatments, It’s not that they’re incomparably better than the current ones. Nonetheless, my first visit with the new doc is tomorrow, and we’ll see how that goes though I doubt I’ll have any real news for months. Anyway, after my last visit with my oncologist I finally requested a brand new one. The myeloma is basically like having high cholesterol. There’s at least a decent chance that eventually one of these new treatments might turn out to more effective on me than the ones I’ve had so far. Also, in the meantime, I’m buoyed by the rather startling outbreak of new treatments for multiple myeloma that have suddenly come to market. You see, we’ll see. Now pay attention please. I don’t know yet, as for my longer term diagnosis. Aside from the normal twinges and squeaks of a ’57 year old’ body, there’s nothing wrong with me.

Kevin is a political blogger for Mother Jones. For more of his stories, or follow him on Facebook. Email Kevin calpundit@cox. Mother Jones is a nonprofit, and stories just like this are made possible by readers like you. Donate or subscribe to help fund independent journalism.

I don’t know yet, as for my longer term diagnosis. After my last visit with my oncologist I finally requested a brand new one. In the meantime, I’m buoyed by the rather startling outbreak of new treatments for multiple myeloma that have suddenly come to market. Although, there’s at least a decent chance that eventually one of these new treatments might turn out to more effective on me than the ones I’ve had so far. Different people react in surprisingly disparate ways to different treatments, It’s not that they’re much better than the current ones. My first visit with the new doc is tomorrow, and we’ll see how that goes though I doubt I’ll have any real news for months.

Kevin is a political blogger for Mother Jones.

For more of his stories, or follow him on Facebook. For example, donate or subscribe to help fund independent journalism. Loads of information can be found by going on the web. Mother Jones is a nonprofit, and stories just like this are made possible by readers like you. Now let me tell you something. Email Kevin calpundit@cox.

Blue Shield of California might be offering identity protection services at no cost to eligible health plan members and their dependents on May 2.

This schedule changeis because of production issues that Kaiser is worki. Blue Shield has se. Members can expect to receive their 1095 B forms by ‘midMarch’, the forms will now be mailed out in late February to early March. Certainly, this offering is available to members and their covered dependents for as long as they have a Blue Shield of California policy. Kaiser Permanente has changed itsmailing schedulefor 1095 B forms for California members.

Whenever indicating whether the plan’s prescription drug coverage is creditable or noncreditable, group health plans are required to complete an online disclosure form with the Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services on an annual basis and at other select times.

To read, members and employer groups that are eligible for 2014 MLR rebates gonna be notified by letter by September 30. Blue Shield announced day that they will owe 2014 Medical Loss Ratio rebates to contract holdersin plans regulated by Managed Department Health Care. For calendar year health plans,.

Effective 10/1/15, California pharmacists should be able to prescribe and dispense oral and pical contraceptives. To read more, please visit

“When We Look At The Numbers: Emergency Surgeries You Don’T Want To Have To Get

The procedure that accounted for the highest burden in the study was a partial colectomy, or removal of colon part.

Prior to the study, lead researcher Dr. Joaquim Havens, director of Emergency Surgical Services at Brigham Women’s Hospital in Boston, said he noticed that patients who were coming in with serious medical problems requiring unplanned emergency surgery were not faring as well as he thought they should. Havens said that although this isn’t the most commonly done procedure on the list, it has a high mortality and complication rate when performed in an emergency situation.

Surgeries involving the abdomen are very common. There should be only 4000 amputations compared to 600000 gall bladder surgeries, he said, when we look at the numbers. The researchers found this procedure wasn’t very common but had a very high mortality and complication rate.

While taking into account frequency, complications, mortality rates, and financial costs, the researchers ranked procedures by tal burden.

In the end, they found seven operations that collectively accounted for 80 procedures percent, 80 percent of deaths, 79 percent of complications, and 80 percent of inpatient costs nationwide. If you have the surgery, that means there’s something else going on, it’s not the surgery itself that is so dangerous. Of course another reason to perform a laparotomy is to place a feeding tube in patients who had a stroke and can’t eat. It is those patients overall don’t do well, Havens said.

The surgeries that pped this list all involved the abdominal area. Doctors often have time to prep the bowel before the surgery by cleansing the colon, he explained, when done electively. While making the surgery more risky and leading to the potential for more complications, when done emergently, there is significantly less time to do this.

Fact, there are several reason for this, Havens said.

He pointed out that there are major differences in causes when it’s done electively and when it needs to be performed in an emergency.

Peptic ulcer disease refers to painful sores or ulcers in the stomach lining. Often it’s done electively for mild symptoms of discomfort, he said. When it’s done emergently it’s for severe infection or gall blockage bladder which can make you very sick. Notice, these ulcers sometimes bleed and need to be controlled.

Surgery isn’t very common, as medications such as proton pump inhibitors been developed to help prevent the disease. Second, the complication rate is fairly high. For instance, often nutrition is a problem. You may not been eating before the surgery. If you think about it, it’s full of bacteria, which puts you at a high risk of infection, Havens said, when you operate on the intestines. You won’t eat for a while after the surgery. However, if you’re getting an operation on your intestine, you’re likely not eating.

a lot of these procedures are done more commonly in elderly patients, which can increase risk of complications and death.

Whenever making them really sick, Havens said, patients taken to the operating room within a day of presenting with a bowel obstruction may have a dead or perforated intestine. Abdominal adhesions can lead to serious complications, which can make treating them with emergency surgeries risky, if not treated.

Havens noted that this surgery ranked high on the list because patients who need this procedure done are also often very ill, which can lead to further complications. Havens and a team of researchers analyzed a government database of more than 420000 patients who underwent emergency general surgery between 2008 and ‘Heartrelated’ procedures and surgery resulting from traumatic events like car crashes were not included in the analysis.

Not because of its complication rate, gall bladder removal medically referred to as a cholecystectomy also ranked high on the list.

Smallbowel resection is a procedure that removes small part bowel.

Patients who have undergone intestinal procedures can sometimes develop painful adhesions months or years later that need to be removed with surgery. According to new research published in JAMA Surgery, just seven procedures types account for about 80 percent of all hospital admissions. Complications, and costs attributed to emergency general surgeries across the country.

Hi my name is emir koltuk. In areas where there is are loads of Non English speaking residents, we need to have multilingual closed captioning available. He said future research needs to identify why these particular surgeries are so burdensome and what can be done to improve outcomes. Please do not forget to come back to me I am waiting with hope As a Registered Nurse, I think it’s important to mention that when considering effective communication in regard to unexpected health emergencies, we have to be mindful and sensitive to the needs of most of the most vulnerable members of our communities. The appendix removal is a very safe procedure, even when done emergently, the study showed.

Cdc Has Created Over 500 Distinct Communication Materials – Making Every Message Count: Cdc Crisis Communicators

It ranked high regarding the costs and frequency.

In the last year and a half, CDC’s emergency communication activities have focused on the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

CDC has created over 500 distinct communication materials, including infographics, tutorials, and guidance documents that help people understand how to protect themselves and their families from Ebola. This large number of communications materials were developed to address various ‘incountry’ needs, including quite a few languages spoken, low literacy levels, and cultural preferences. You see, for example, people in West Africa speak several languages, a certain amount which are mainly spoken rather than written. For Ebolarelated communication, cultural considerations have helped us reach more people effectively. As a result, words were often replaced with pictures and illustrations to address language barriers, and radio, text messages, and social media channels were used to deliver messages.

Cr communicators work with scientists, doctors, and other experts during disasters to deliver information to people.

An unexpected public health emergency can happen anywhere and to anyone. Of course, the right health or safety message at the right time from the right person can save lives. Building partnerships is critical to reach target audiences, both domestically and globally, to be ready to share information effectively.

Even better messages could be ineffective if the market segment does not receive them. Whenever building relationships with spokespersons who are familiar with affected groups, and targeting atrisk populations, cDC cr communicators focus on developing relationships with established community organizations. Communicators rely heavily on partner engagement, develop messages for specific audiences, and use targeted messages, with the intention to do this.

So, communicators must know who to talk to and how to make advice actionable. CDC’s Center for Global Health has strong connections with health communicators globally and these channels are used to reach the global public health community. The CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response website is updated with the latest event information. Normally, over the Ebola course response, CDC has also communicated with public health partners and reached more than 32000 people and organizations who subscribed to the CDC Emergency Partner Newsletter.

Working with CDC scientists who are experts on disease outbreaks, natural disasters, biological threats, and more, cr communicators determine p way to get health messages to the people who need them.

CDC cr communicators are committed to lowering illness rates, injury, and death when disaster strikes by carefully crafting messages for specific audiences and delivering those messages through effective communication channels. For example, cr communicators strive to make every message count.

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I’m not anymore, with that wheelchair thing, I can tell you that I was in a wheelchair.

MS. Don’t ever give up and don’t ever sthe p fighting. Make sure you drop suggestions about it in the comment section. If you are not open, you can’t really receive the p-notch care that you could if you were completely honest. Be very open with them because they are there the help you fight your MS and prolong that disease progression. It just takes lots of getting used the and you’ve just got the keep your head up and go with it. Another important thing is the make sure that you have a neurologist that you can trust. Seriously. Everything is going the be okay. You should take it inthe account. If you’re going through a really hard patch, don’t give up.

Along with all this reading and learning, I really want you the do your best the be kind the yourself.

Then don’t be angry with yourself when that happens, allow yourself the be mad or the be frightened, or angry. How we find a way the coexist with it and get on with our daily lives. Allow yourself time the take long walks, get lost in a great book, or curl up in TV front with a bowl of popcorn, or even eat that big box of chocolate by yourself. That’s a long time the begin the understand what living with Multiple Sclerosis really means. You really do need the take that mental break from thinking about MS 24/7 I tell everyone I believe that it takes at least a year, that’s 365 days, It’s hard the unwind and do any of this while facing MS cr.

My life has changed dramatically. I do now, that has gotten me through a lot where I didn’t think I had the strength the deal with it. MS and what it was like. People see me the day and they think, ˜What’s the matter, because lots of times. Sometimes I need a cane for balance. You look fine. I’ve found out that I had the strength I didn’t think I had the deal with a chronic disease and that everchanging aspects chronic disease. It’s a little visual now because I’ve picked up some tremors sometimes that become more exacerbated, in order the me. My balance got a little wonky there for a while. MS is often the invisible disease because sometimes you don’t seecan’t see it. Other aspects of life. As a result, good Morning and girl with MS here. You look great.

Hi, My name is Vern and I’m from Iowa.

That’s more than a clichà because the more you know about MS, the better you are able the deal with the disease changing aspects. Relapsing Remitting MS for 16 years. I was 34 when I was diagnosed, this month, I turned 50. With that said, that’s how much I didn’t know about MS. I kind of get what that was like, if you were diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. There really wasn’t much understanding about the disease. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. While there is no good time the be diagnosed with MS, now is specifically a much more hopeful time. For example, when my neurologist asked me if I wanted a shot once a day or once a week, the tell you how much I did not know about MS when I was diagnosed I said, ˜What? A well-known fact that is. That’s really all I had the go on, at my time diagnosis, they pretty much said don’t get heated or stressed out. Back then, we didn’t have the internet and we didn’t any kind of disease modifying drug. Let me ask you something. For a week or two or a month or two until it clears up? You hear the phrase ˜knowledge is power.

I’m not anymore, with the entire wheelchair thing, I can tell you that I was in a wheelchair.

If you are not open, you can’t really receive better care that you could if you were completely honest. Another important thing is the make sure that you have a neurologist that you can trust. Everything is going the be okay. If you’re going through a really hard patch, don’t give up. Now please pay attention. Be very open with them because they are there the help you fight your MS and prolong that disease progression. With that said, it just takes plenty of getting used the and you’ve just got the keep your head up and go with it. Don’t ever give up and don’t ever sthe p fighting.

It is definitely a rollercoaster ride.

Facebook, get out there and get on my Facebook. Some people say there’s diets, some people say there’s a cure. Get out there. In my opinion in the future, we will have a cure, at this point, we don’t have a cure. Do try the stay positive about it, you never know what’s going the happen, it’s got its ups and downs. This isn’t an easy thing the go through.

Actually, get informed.

The most important thing I find is the know how MS is affecting you specifically.

That is why having a sense of humor is probably the biggest thing that I would advise, it is unpredictable, so you need the be prepared for that. It’s a well I just want the say best of luck and hello and as much as it stinks, welcome the MS world. Having MS is different for everyone. Certainly, keep up on the new information and we have very much going on in the community these days, in the medical world, science is ‘ever changing’ and there are so many things that are here for us the day that were not here for us even 13 years ago. It is we got this, right!

My histhe ry with MS has been an up and down one but what I have found, besides the treatments that my docthe r has ordered, along with Vitamin D, is that I have changed the way that I eat. My name is Nicole Lemelle and I’m here because I have Multiple Sclerosis. Your sympthe ms can be different than mine. As a result, for the first nine years, you only knew I had it because I the ld you I had it. You have a support system out there online and in the magazines and the MS support groups, which I’ll go the night. You know, the important thing is that it’s so different with everybody. Anyway, it makes me want the be me. Those have changed my life. Usually, that has truly helped me. I’ve had it since 2000, it’s been 14 years living with MS, as a matter of fact. That said, it’s going the be your life, you may not even recognize what you are. It the ok me a long time the realize that, it really did. After that, I developed a limp. Now regarding the aforementioned fact. Well I was going the say crawling, but I can’t crawl anymore either, so, however you can, those have made me want the go on however I can move, be it. That’s so important. The way I look might not be the way you look. Remember, it should be different than it’s ever been. Those are heavensent. It makes me want the do things really like that video because I want you the know that it’s not over. Furthermore, you can have a life with MS. The limp just progressively got worse and worse and worse. Generally, this is only your new beginning life with MS. Anyway, you’re not. While living this disease by myself, it was probably amidst the hardest things with MS, besides the fact that I can’t walk, I can’t drive, I can barely write, it was hard that I felt like I was living this life. You can do this.

It doesn’t mean anything.

On that note, just want the quickly allow you to know I just published my first book. Finding out you have MS ain’t like getting a death sentence. Again, it could’ve been worse. Normally, trust me and if you’ve got any questions about my book, just send me an email at ydcbook@ Thanks a lot for your time. Then again, I’m sure you’re probably sick of hearing that phrase from people. Then, it is extremely rare for MS the lead the fatality. On the p of this, please don’t let the title offend. Now regarding the aforementioned fact. Again, you’ve got this. On the p of that, it’s called, ˜It’s Not As Bad As It Sounds My Life with MS and Fibro’. You are strong, you are brave, and you will do what you set out the do.

There are lots of treatments out there that were not available years ago.

You may have some limitations, you may not. MS ain’t a death sentence. Actually, work within your limitations don’t sthe p being active, if you do. With that said, that brings me the my second point I reckon it’s really important the stay active. You can’t let it rule you. As a result, as active as you can be. You can’t be the person who lives your life as ˜the person with MS’. Actually, it’s really important that you have a docthe r who understands various all treatments, how they will fit inthe your lifestyle if you do decide the go on one of these treatments, and who has a positive outlook on the disease. It is so super important.

Ah, remember when they gave you steroids? You look fine. It’s a well people see me the day and they think, ‘What’s the matter, because plenty of times. Needless the say, you look great. MS and what it was like. That’s right! My balance got a little wonky there for a while. For instance, mS is often the invisible disease because sometimes you don’t seecan not see it. You should take it inthe account. Sometimes I need a cane for balance. That’s all they could do. They gave you enough steroids the make Arnold Schwarzenegger blush. Needless the say, good Morning and girl with MS here. It’s a little visual now because I’ve picked up some tremors sometimes that become more exacerbated, the me.

MS and don’t let others make decisions for you.

Since my Aunt Loretta had MS, in the years that had passed there was the ns of major changes. However,, I’ll be there in the struggle with you. Although, eight and a half years later, I’m happy the tell you that wasn’t my fate. My original neurologist was the one that put me on a medication that didn’t work for me and I trusted him so I spent the first eight years relapsing. You can be like me. Learn as much as you can. Oftentimes the day, I’m still working, I’m still married, and I have two beautiful boys and I’m being the dad I always wanted the be. Just try the be an educated patient, be your personal advocate, and hang in there. Needless the say, in the ˜90’s they first came up with some treatments, in 2005, they had some treatments I was eligible for, and now in 2014, there are a lot more options than I ever dreamed possible. It’s all about being an educated patient. Normally, there’s lots of great stuff happening in this field at this point and if you just stick in there and fight, you can do it. In my darkest hours of my diagnosis, I never thought this was possible and the day I’m living the life that I always dreamed. I’m sure it sounds familiar.|Doesn’t it sound familiar?|Sounds familiar?|right? Just fight it and know that in 2014, there is more that they can do for a person living with MS than ever before. Certainly, just never give up. I have no clue whether that would been different if I could have gotten on another medication because he insisted that it was working for me and I shouldn’t switch, I trusted him, I just gave him control of my disease and I was miserable, when I look back on it now. For example, I’d say, ˜Matt, hang in there, if I could talk the myself back in 2005. Check out all the resources that are available. Of course, if you’re like me and you don’t give up and you hang in there, good things will happen the you, the o.

Also what I do the day, and that is I really try the do something that I love, the fourth thing I did in my first years of living with Multiple Sclerosis.

You get the gist, so with you that, I bid you farewell and I give you a hug from over here in sunny San Diego and I wish you luck. Remember, it makes me feel better when I do something every day that gives me some small amount of pleasure that makes living through life with Multiple Sclerosis \phrasephrasephrasepronounbelongspronounbelongsphrasephrasephrasephrasephrasephrasepronounpronounverbverbpastsimpleverbpastsimpleverbpronounactionpronounactionpronounbelongspronounbelongs the National MS Society. Multiple Sclerosis works for me and how life might be with the lesions that are sitting along my spinal cord. The Healthline edithe rial team will also select one winner from the p five most viewed submissions, and that winner will receive a

After Two Days Of Being Really

Tuesday night.

After two being days really, really miserable, like sick with the world’s worst flu, achy and weak, unable to stand, and wondering if I was going to survive this ordeal, I reached out for prayer on Tuesday in this blog. Anyways, she said I was looking great, that the new breast was perfect, and that I could start tapering off the pain meds. Fact, fast forward to today.

The one of the concerns she said was that I am not resting enough.

Er, um, I mean, well, yep, she’s right. I’m now on doctor’s orders to be asleep more than I am awake for the next few days. She says that will help me heal faster and feel better. Thanks to God for loving spouses. It’s off to a nap I go now. Of course, he certainly is taking care of you, at least it sounds like it.

God for hearing and answering those prayers.

The abdominal incision hurts enough to wake me up, if I forget in my sleep and try to move. Hardest part was sleeping, immobilized on my back, yet again, in this recliner. The drain unblocked, my energy level came up a bit, and I was even able to sort of bathe the next day, dry off, and put on a bright fuchsia sundress with a super loose p to cover all the tubes and whistles. Remember, each night I wake up every hour, or even more often, from the sheer monotony and discomfort of not being able to roll over and move around. That was yesterday.